Maltipoo Temperament

Just like any dog, there are Maltipoo temperament characteristics that are specific to the breed. Of course, a lot of these characteristics are inherited from the Maltipoos parents; the Poodle and Maltese.

Generally speaking, the Maltipoo is a fun loving dog that will never give you any problems as far as temperament is concerned. The breed gets along great with both children and adults, which makes it the perfect choice for any home. Additionally, most Maltipoos never have a hard time getting used to another dog. In fact, if socialized properly, a Maltipoo will have no problem befriending another dog for life!

One thing that you should know about Maltipoos is that they are full of energy. If you are looking for a dog that simply lies around all day, this breed is probably not right for you. This is not to say that all Maltipoos are on the go 24/7, but they definitely have a high energy level when compared to many other breeds. The best way to combat this energy is to talk your Maltipoo for a walk at least once per day. Not only will this help them to release some energy, but it will give them the chance to exercise as well.

When it comes to intelligence, the Maltipoo is one of the smartest dogs that you will ever come across. The primary reason for this is that it comes from two very smart breeds, especially the Poodle. You should not have any problems training or housebreaking your Maltipoo. Of course, this differs on a case by case basis, but high intelligence level is something to consider when buying a puppy.

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the Maltipoo, many backyard breeders have popped up. These “breeders” have nothing in mind except selling as many puppies as possible. This leads to problems with the breed including fear snapping, barking, yapping, and guarding its food and/or territory. Make sure that if you are shopping for a Maltipoo that you do your homework. This will ensure that you are buying from a reputable breeder.

The temperament of the Maltipoo is fun loving and energetic. When you combine this with a high intelligence level and good looks, it is no wonder that so many people are interested in this breed.   

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