Does your Maltipoo like the Water?

As you probably know, there are some dogs that simply love the water. They want to take a bath whenever you let them, and will swim in any body of water that is around. Is this the case with your Does your Maltipoo like the Water?? Although the Maltipoo is not bred specifically for water based activity, such as hunting, most owners agree that their dog likes the water just fine.

There are a couple of easy ways to determine how well your Maltipoo likes water. First off, does it like when you give it a bath? Or does your dog try to escape? This alone will tell you a lot about your Maltipoo. To go along with this, is your Maltipoo afraid to go outside when it is raining or snowing? If your Maltipoo runs inside the second that it gets hit with a raindrop, it is safe to say that it is not excited about being around water.

All in all, it not a huge deal if your Maltipoo does not like the water. For the most part, you only have to give it a bath once a month or so. And even then, your groomer may do all of this work for you. The only time that this will become an issue is if your Maltipoo will not go outside when raining. Obviously, this can cause a problem because your dog needs to go outside to go to the bathroom. Hopefully, over time your Maltipoo will begin to become more comfortable with the rain.

The Maltipoo is not bred to love water, but many of them do anyway! 

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