Common Maltipoo Behavioral Problems

Just like any breed of dog, Maltipoos have some common behavioral problems that you may run into. But of course, if you buy from the proper breeder and put in the time with your puppy, you can avoid all of these problems from the start.

So what are some of the more common behavioral problems in the Maltipoo breed? First off, these dogs can be yappy at times. This is a common issue among puppy mill dogs, but even those that are properly bred can yap from time to time. The best way to break this problem is to train your Maltipoo at a young age.

Believe it or not, some Maltipoos also put up quite the fight when they are getting groomed. While this does not make a lot of sense because of the Poodle blood, it is true in many puppies. In many cases, Maltipoos do not like anybody to touch their feet. There is no known reason for this, but it can be a problem if not taken care of. The best way to combat behavioral issues at the groomer is to get your dog used to being handled at a very early age. From the first day that you own your Maltipoo you should brush it, coddle its feet, and get it used to being groomed. Then as the dog gets older, the problems with grooming should be minimal.

If you buy your Maltipoo from a puppy mill you are definitely going to be up against more behavioral problems. Not only is yapping an issue with these dogs, but many are also notorious for fear snapping and being overprotective. Of course, avoiding a puppy mill will help you to avoid these problems.

You should not let common behavioral problems scare you away from buying a Maltipoo. Remember, every breed of dog has some problems that you may or may not run into. The good thing about the Maltipoo breed is that the potential issues are minimal. 

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